Meet your instructor…

“Music has always seemed to be more than just a performance medium. Music can heal the performer, as well as the listener!”

With twenty-three years of experience as a music instructor, Zach West focuses on music education as a source of wellness, and personal development.

Zach works with students of all ages. He teaches drum set, mallet percussion, hand drumming, beginning piano, and music theory. He has developed a curriculum called The Musical Circuits that works for any age, at any level of experience, on any instrument.

He offers lessons and classes online to students around the world, as well as classes and lessons to students at his studio in Wheat Ridge Colorado.

Zach earned a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies with a minor in psychology from Metropolitan State University.

Zach has been working for over twenty years as a professional musician in the Colorado area.  He is well versed in a wide variety of genres including jazz, classical, country, rhythm and blues, blues, rock, and musical theater. He has performed at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater, Gothic Theater, Ogden Theater, and The Boulder Theater.