Probability Engineering | Imagination Coaching

What if you could heal your past and create your future through the power of imagination?!

Probability Engineering is a wildly creative solution to chronic stress, overwhelm, anxiety that will help you step out of chaos and into the driver’s seat of your own destiny. Zach West’s groundbreaking approach to creating the future of your dreams will have you seeing your life like an art project that you get you curate with pure imagination.

Your Probability Engineering Toolkit & Techniques


Uncovering vital information through imagination


Influencing past & future events through visualization


Your re-programming helpers


Your re-programming approach & style


A new template containing the insights gained in your personal process

Create Deja Vu on Purpose!

Through practice, you can engineer the probability that the experiences you desire are attainable. In essence, this amounts to creating moments of spaciousness that are open to receiving or emitting “infoenergy!”

  • Free Introduction

    Curious to find out more? Schedule a free introduction. Open to all first time students.

  • 4 Week Probability Engineering Course

    The perfect choice for beginners. Weekly sessions teach you the fundamentals of Probability Engineering.

  • 8 Week Probability Engineering Course

    Are you ready to go all the way with consciously creating your future? This course will provide you with all the tools you need to become a master of your destiny.